Amex Casinos — UK Gambling sites that accept American Express?

Amex Casinos UK

Despite not being as popular as other card payments, there are plenty of British players looking for Amex casinos UK. This basically means online casinos that accept American Express cards for deposits and withdrawals.

But unfortunately, these are incredibly rare. We don’t have any on our site. Let’s explain the current standing.

Amex Casinos UK – Do they exist?

Although technically possible for an Amex casino to exist in the UK, very few of these sites exist that are legit and legal. That’s because most American Express cards are credit cards. And credit card casinos UK were banned by the Gambling Commission in April 2020. It is not currently legal for a gambling site to operate in Great Britain without a licence from the Gambling Commission as well.

According to Investopedia, it is possible to find prepaid Amex debit cards – which would work at UK gambling sites. However, these are very rarely used by people. So it’s more trouble than it’s worth for a gambling site to accept it. That’s why none of the sites on our UK online casinos list allow these payments.

Amex casino alternatives

There are plenty of alternative payment methods that you can use to play at a UK gambling site. If you want to use a card similarly to American Express, then these are the available options:

If you’re looking for something else then a PayPal casino is very popular in the UK. This payment is made via an e-wallet instead of a payment card.

But if you are looking to play using any type of credit card then this is banned in the UK.

Gambling sites that accept American Express not on Gamstop

We mentioned above how any gambling site in the UK must have a licence from the Gambling Commission in order to be operating legally.

But there are a few sites that do not follow these rules. These are often called unlicensed casinos, offshore casinos, or casinos not on Gamstop.

We recommend avoiding all these unlicensed sites, including any American Express casinos not on Gamstop. Not only are they illegal but these sites also do not provide the same player protections as those with a licence.

All UK casinos on Casino Professor have a licence from the Gambling Commission. However, if you’re ever unsure, you can always search the register of authorised gambling sites to check.