£20 free no deposit casino UK 2023

£20 Free No Deposit Casino UK

Finding a £20 free no deposit casino UK bonus in 2023 is difficult. Most British sites no longer give out a 20 pound slots bonus outright. So you have to get creative.

The list below contains online casinos that offer free spins no deposit. Each free spin has a certain value – usually 10p. So if you sign up at enough of these sites then you can receive the equivalent of 20 pounds as a free no deposit casino bonus. Take a look.

Casinos with 20 free casino bonus overall

    £20 free no deposit bonus – How does it work?

    Getting the equivalent of a free £20 no deposit bonus in the UK requires a bit of planning.

    You need to get enough free spins with no deposit required which equal 20 pounds in value overall.

    For example:

    • Casino A: 50 free spins (£0.10 each)
    • Casino B: 100 free spins (£0.10 each)
    • Casino C: 50 free spins (£0.10 each)

    If you signed up at all of these sites then you’d get 200 free spins overall. And each free spin is worth £0.10. So that equals 20 pounds free overall (200 x £0.10 = £20).

    The tricky part is that not all free spins are valued the same. The average amount is 10p – but sometimes the value is higher (like 20p) or lower (like 5p or even 1p). This would obviously change how many casinos you needed to sign up at to get the full £20 no deposit bonus.

    One way to find the value of a casino’s free spins is to check the terms and conditions. All casino bonuses have terms and conditions, so it should state here how much free spins are worth. Here’s an example of a casino’s terms and conditions listed on our site:

    Example of free spins significant terms on Casino Professor

    You can see that they list the value of the free spins as 18p each. Most other sites list the value here too. If not then you’ll be able to find the value of the free spins on their website.

    Checking the terms is something we strongly recommend anyway – as they hold important information.

    Best £20 free no deposit casino UK sites 2023

    In an ideal world, you would get the equivalent of a 20 pounds no deposit bonus by signing up at sites with the best online casino reviews UK. This should help to provide you with a better overall experience.

    But this is a time consuming task. So we looked through our entire list of top 50 online casinos to see which of the best sites offered enough free spins to get 20 pounds free:

    CasinoNo Deposit BonusOverall Value

    MrQ Casino

    10 Free Spins (20p each)


    Betfair Casino

    50 Free Spins (10p each)


    Paddy Power

    50 Free Spins (10p each)


    All of the sites above are high up in our list of top 20 online casinos UK. This means they are some of the best British casinos around in our opinion. And if you sign up at all of them then you’ll get a £20 free no deposit casino bonus in overall value.

    Previous best £20 free no deposit casino UK

    We’ve been ranking what we think is the best £20 free no deposit casino UK before 2023. The previous results have been very different – mainly because 20 pounds was actually possible to get outright.

    Here were our previous picks from the past few years, with an explanation about why they are no longer listed:

    • £20 free no deposit casino UK 2022: Betfair
      • The best potential free £20 no deposit casino for UK players in 2022 was Betfair. They offered a no deppsit no wager bonus where players could win real cash without betting their own. This offered the best chance to try and generate 20 quid in our opinion.
    • £20 free no deposit casino UK 2021: Paddy Power
      • We chose Paddy Power as the best casino to try and get 20 free in 2021 due to their huge no deposit no wager bonus. It gave players the best chance to try and win anywhere near £20 from a no deposit bonus.
    • £20 free no deposit casino UK 2020: 777 Casino
      • We selected 777 as our top free £20 no deposit bonus casino in 2020. That’s because they actually did offer that amount as bonus money. You would sign up and be given a bit over 20 pounds to play with. Unfortunately, the wagering requirements were high so the chance of winning real money as very low.
    • £20 free no deposit casino UK 2019: Rizk Casino
      • Rizk was our best free £20 no deposit casino in 2019 thanks to their welcome offer at the time. They gave new UK players a prize of anywhere between 5 free spins and £25 cash – all with no wagering. That offer is no longer available.
    • £20 free no deposit casino UK 2018: Rizk Casino
      • Our best £20 free no deposit casino in 2018 was also Rizk. That’s because they offered the same welcome offer to new UK players as above, with this promotion running for a couple of years. Again, it’s now no longer available.

    Can I win real money from a £20 free no deposit bonus?

    It’s always possible to win real money when using one of the above sites as a £20 free no deposit casino. But some bonuses are much easier to win with than others. Let’s explain.

    Most sites attach what’s called wagering requirements to their no deposit bonuses. This prevents you from winning real money straight away. Instead, you need to bet over and over again to try and turn any winnings into real money. But most of the time you’ll lose it before this happens.

    A better alternative? Play at a no wagering casino.

    These sites payout any winnings as real cash money straight away. So any winning lines you make from these free spins will be paid directly to your real money account. For example, we managed to win a few quid when we signed up at Betfair Casino:

    Our winnings from Betfair's free spins no wager

    No wagering offers are very appealing to players – as the player gets to keep what they win straight away. More casinos are starting to offer it to attract new players.

    The following are sites are no wager casinos which offer a combined £20 free no deposit bonus in value from their free spins:

    How to sign up and get £20 free no deposit bonus

    To get started, you simply need to open new accounts at enough of the UK online casinos listed above to get the full 20 pounds free value.

    The process for opening a new account is pretty much the same at all sites:

    1. Enter your personal information into the registration form
    2. Complete the online casino verification UK process*

    *Most players benefit from a no verification casino UK experience. This is when you are verified automatically – so you don’t need to send any verification documents yourself. But if this fails then you will need to send in documentation. So always keep this in mind.

    Once your new account is set up, there’s no need to add a payment method to get your contribution to the overall £20 free. That’s because these sites are all a no deposit no card details casino.

    However, you might need to verify your phone number. That’s because some sites might give your £20 free contribution in the form of a no deposit bonus with SMS verification. To verify, you’ll be sent a code via SMS text. Just enter this code and the casino will release the bonus.

    Free 20 no deposit slots

    The combined offers above can give you a free 20 no deposit slots bonus. That’s because these bonuses are given in the form of free spins. And free spins can only be used to play slots.

    The casino will assign a specific slot you can use your free spins on too. This means you can only play that game with this bonus. You’ll again usually find this information in the terms and conditions. Here’s an example of a casino with no wagering spins for the Book of Dead slot:

    Example of no wagering slots in terms

    It’s possible that a few casinos will choose the same slot game. That’s because some slots are more popular than others. So sites choose them to attract people to play.

    But it’s possible that casinos will choose different slots as well. This is generally more fun as it gives you the chance to try out a few instead of playing the same slot over and over again at different sites.

    What slots can I play with real money?

    If you manage to win real money from your free 20 pound no deposit bonus then you can play whatever slots you want after.

    That’s because the money is now yours to keep. It acts like money you have deposited yourself. So you can choose whatever game you want to play.

    20 pounds free no deposit – More chances?

    Some of the casinos above may decide to give out more no deposit offers after you’ve signed up. These can be found either on their website or sent via email to your account.

    For example, we received this email from MrQ which offered us more no deposit free spins as an existing player after we’d joined:

    MrQ no deposit bonus for existing players

    There are a few other sites with these offers too. Sometimes they give out no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players. This is when you need to enter a specific code to get the promotion. But many times you just need to accept the offer via email, or even just log in to your account.

    As a few casinos offer these promotions, it means it’s possible to get the equivalent of a 20 pounds free no deposit bonus again, after you’ve signed up. It all depends on how many free spins no deposit they offer and how much each spin is worth.

    But none of this is guranteed. That’s because promotions for existing players are not set in stone. They often change throughout the year. And casinos giving no deposit bonuses to existing players isn’t very common. So you shouldn’t expect this to happen. Just see it as a nice extra if it does.

    20 pound free bingo no deposit

    We don’t have a casino that gives you 20 pound to play free bingo with no deposit required. That’s because the offers above are only available on slots.

    But if you win real money while playing slots then you can use these real money winnings to play bingo games with no deposit. That’s because the money is yours to do what you want with.

    The best sites to try this are:

    • MrQ
    • Betfair
    • Paddy Power

    All of these sites payout any winnings from their welcome offers as real money. They also have bingo games available. So if you do win anything then you can use this cash to play bingo straight away.

    Of course, the chance of you being able to play free bingo no deposit with £20 is unlikely. That’s because the chances of winning 20 pounds from the initial welcome offers is small. If you do win, it’s likely that you’ll win less than this. But it will still be paid as real money which you can use on bingo if you want.


    Finding a casino giving 20 pounds as bonus money is hard in 2023. It’s easier to find batches of free spins which have an overall value of £20 when combined together. You can find these casinos on this page.
    You probably won’t be able to get no deposit free spins that are worth 20 pounds from one casino. No site will want to give this much away. So you will need to sign up at a few casino sites to get this amount overall.
    It’s possible to win real money from free spins worth a combined £20 or more. But you often need to complete the wagering requirements first. The best way to win is at a no wagering casino – as they payout any winnings as real money straight away.
    Batches of free spins worth 20 pounds can only be used on specific slot games. The casino will choose which slots you can play.
    It’s very rare for a UK casino to give out a £20 no deposit bonus directly. This offer just isn’t widely available anymore. But it’s still common to find no deposit free spins which, when combined together, have a total value of £20 or more.