What is single event sports betting?

What is single event sports betting

Single event sports betting is betting on one single event. And there are several sports betting operators in Canada offering you to bet on a single sports event. Pretty much all online sportsbooks in Canada allow you to bet on a single event.

Sportsbooks for single event sports betting 2023

    Single event sports betting – Dos and dont’s

    When you’re betting on a single event you need to ask yourself a question: “Am I going to place more bets online after this?”

    If the answer is no, we don’t recommend you take on any sports betting bonus. Whether casino bonus or sportsbook bonus, there are always wagering requirements that you need to complete before you can make a withdrawal. In betting this means placing a certain amount of bets. And if you’re only betting on a single event on a one-time occasion the chances of you completing the wagering requirements are quite low.

    Sports wagering like casino wagering requires quite a few bets to be placed. While in sports betting you generally get away with fewer bets, you still need to place bets on more than a single game.

    Sports betting in Canada is regulated if you are located in Ontario. The regulated sports betting act (C-218) was passed in 2021 and since then there has been a growth in the regulated operators. Both casino and sports betting.

    If you’re located outside Ontario, you still have options. And they aren’t illegal either. Because of the success made in Ontario, more states in Canada are likely to follow and implement regulated gaming at some point. Regulating sports betting is usually the first step as it is seen less “evil” as casino games. Whether this is good or bad for the player is up for debate.

    Generally, when online gaming is regulated by the Canadian gaming association (alcohol and gaming commission Ontario) or any other authority, the rules become more strict and sports betting operators need to also start paying taxes. For the consumer, this means more protection, but fewer bonuses. And the lack of information about the bonuses, at least in Ontario where only operators are allowed to show the bonus information.

    Since the regulatory framework is still quite recent, the options for sports events and event betting are quite limited. Especially single event sports betting. But for sure, this will change soon as new gaming operators enter the market.

    Single event bets are fun

    Placing a bet on a single event is fun and adds more excitement to the game. Whether you’re following a single sporting event from TV at the comfort of your own home or live.

    Betting in Canada – Are Canadian consumers betting?

    Canadians are pretty eager when it comes to gambling in general. Maybe not as much as the Americans, but still gambling is popular in Canada. Hockey is obviously hugely popular in Canada and hence widely available for single event sports betting.