It’s possible to find an American Express casino in Canada. Although this payment method isn’t as popular as others, there’s still a decent demand for it. This has led to a variety of online casinos that accept American Express in Canada. You will be able to deposit and withdraw at these sites. Take a look at our list below.

List of casinos that accept American Express

    American Express casinos in Canada

    Although American Express is used quite regularly in Canada, there aren’t too many casinos that accept it. One of the possible reasons for this is due to American Express being mostly credit cards. Some gambling sites have stopped offering credit card payments for players around the world. That has led to Visa casinos and Mastercard casinos being more widely available.

    However, it is possible to find an American Express casino in Canada. For example, the sites above allow this payment method.

    Amex casino

    This is the shortened version of American Express. So when players look for an Amex casino in Canada then they are basically looking for the same thing.

    It doesn’t matter how the casino stylizes it either. Both will work with your card details.

    Online casino American Express deposit

    To make a deposit, simply follow these instructions:

    1. Go to the Deposit page
    2. Select how much you want to deposit
    3. Input your card details
    4. Confirm the transaction

    The money should then be in your account immediately. This means you can start to play right away.

    NOTE: Some casinos may charge a fee if you deposit using American Express. Make sure to check this on the deposit page when you go to make the payment.

    Online casino American Express withdraw

    If you are lucky enough to win some cash, you can withdraw it to your card using this method:

    1. Go to the Withdrawal page
    2. Select how much you want to withdraw
    3. Your card details should already be saved
    4. Confirm the payout

    The time it takes to receive a withdrawal from an Amex casino varies. Sometimes it can take several days. So don’t expect to have the money straight away.

    New American Express casino Canada 2023

    At the time of writing, there are not many new American Express casinos in Canada launching. Again, this is likely due to many sites’ stance on gambling with credit cards.

    If this changes in future, we will update this section immediately. As it will definitely be nice to have a few more options to offer.

    American Express casino bonus

    Most casinos offer a casino bonus to players who sign up and make a first deposit. In most cases you will be able to use your Amex card to trigger an offer. These are called American Express casino bonuses.

    A good example is Casino Days listed above. You can get their bonus by making a deposit using your Amex card no problem.

    There are other requirements when accepting a bonus too. For example, you will need to deposit at least the minimum amount to trigger an offer – usually $10 or $20. There are also other terms and conditions which you should read in full.

    American Express slots

    There will not be any game restrictions when playing with your own cash. So if you make a deposit using Amex then you’ll be able to play any game you like with this money.

    But if you get an Amex bonus then there might be some game restrictions. That’s because some casinos only allow you to play specific slots and games when using bonus money. Check the terms and conditions to find out any restrictions.