Online Baccarat Canada

Online Baccarat

Where can you play baccarat online in Canada?

At online casinos of course! There you can play online Baccarat with live dealer.

Nowadays pretty much all online casinos have online baccarat available. But of course, you might wanna play baccarat online against a live dealer. Live dealer baccarat games have a more real feel than just randomly playing against a machine. Of course, the outcome is still random.

Top online baccarat casinos 2023 (real money)

Here are the top online baccarat casinos available for canucks. Play online baccarat against a live dealer (live dealer baccarat).

Welcome bonus not valid for live casino games

    Best online baccarat casinos are powered by Evolution Gaming, the largest live casino software provider in the world.

    Playing baccarat – The baccarat game

    Live Dealer Baccarat

    The game starts when both the player and dealer are dealt two cards each. Both cards are face up. However, the dealer is called a banker in this game, unlike in blackjack. Whoever gets closest to nine wins.

    Winnings are simply double what you bet. Unless you bet the banker, then winnings are 95% of the bet.

    Other rules:

    • Both player and the banker need to stand if they are dealt a total of eight or nine.
    • The player needs to take a card if the total is five or less.
    • When a player stands, the banker hits on a 5 or less total.
    • A tie pays 8-to-1. There are sheets that help you to keep track of your score. On live casinos, you can ask for the sheet from the dealer.

    House edge on baccarat

    For casino players baccarat is one of the most favorable games to play in terms of the house edge. Even with all commissions included, the house edge is roughly over one percent.

    Betting strategy in baccarat

    Commonly the saying in baccarat goes that you should always bet the banker to give yourself the best odds. As the banker has a higher probability of winning. But then you won’t double your bet (in case the banker wins) as only 95% is returned.

    Baccarat online: baccarat rules

    Baccarat game has the same basic rules whether you’re playing in an online casino or at a physical casino. So there is no difference to play online baccarat or offline.

    The gameplay is quite easy to understand, but it makes takes quite a while to become really good at playing baccarat.

    Baccarat for real money online

    When you play baccarat online you are usually playing on online baccarat games provided by either Evolution Gaming or Pragmatic Play. Both are currently popular live casino providers for online casinos. Depending on the table you choose, you will always have minimum and maximum bet-table limits.

    Free baccarat games: casino sites that allow you to play for free

    Most online baccarat sites allow you to play the table version of baccarat for free. So you can practice the gameplay without playing for real money. At the live casino with a live dealer, you cannot of course play for free anymore. Of course, this is there is a table version available as many online casinos have removed the non-live version when they have added the live dealer version.

    Free baccarat online

    If the casino sites that you prefer, don’t offer the baccarat game for free, you can always play it at the game provider’s website. Pragmatic play has a demo version available here.

    Deposit bonus to baccarat game

    Rarely do baccarat online casinos offer any bonuses. Online gambling bonuses are usually for slots only. Live dealer baccarat or other live dealer games aren’t commonly eligible for the wagering of the first deposit bonus. So if you know that you’re only going to play at the live casino, don’t accept the welcome bonus (sometimes need to contact customer support to decline the bonus).

    So online baccarat players should keep in mind that if they choose to play live baccarat online they aren’t getting any welcome bonus. And even if they do, it can be on most occasions only wagered in slot games.

    Evolution Gaming is the biggest software provider for online table games and has also roulette and blackjack available as well as some other live casino games. Commonly when playing online people prefer to play slots over live dealer games.