Casino bonuses are not for everyone – keep this in mind. You have to wager the bonus amount and sometimes even the deposit before you can withdraw the money. And of course, there are other terms and conditions that apply too. Got it? Great, from this page you will find the best Canadian online casino bonuses at the moment.

To find more information about the casino bonus view our expert reviews that take an in-depth look at the casino and its offerings.

Best casino bonuses 2022

Find the best Canadian online casino bonuses from the updated list.

Best online casino bonus Canada – What to look for

The first thing to take into consideration is that the operator has focused on the Canadian consumer and the local currency is available. A large casino bonus might be useless if you pay high fees on currency conversions. Best Canadian online casino bonuses are in CAD and there is support available if needed when Canadians typically are online. Since most online casinos operate across the Atlantic this is actually something to keep in mind.

We list operators that have focused on Canada and offer the basics mentioned. Something a person hunting for the best Canadian online casino bonuses would be wanting. But what are the other things that you should consider when choosing a casino bonus Canada?

Welcome bonus – The best casino bonus Canada

The welcome bonus or first deposit bonus is always the best bonus Canada, like generally everywhere too, and like the name already suggests, it’s available when you are a new customer making your first deposit. A welcome gift basically – thanks for choosing our casino! Sometimes the welcome bonus can include bonuses for the first deposit but also deposits made after that. Making it more like a welcome bonus package instead of just being a first deposit bonus only.

Since it’s the best bonus, you should consider maxing it. Meaning that you claim the full bonus as the welcome bonus can be only claimed once. So for example, if the casino offers the typical match bonus (casino matches your deposit) – 100% bonus of up to 100$. You deposit 100$ to get 100 in real money and 100 in bonus money on our account.

Wait! Isn’t bonus money real money?

Wagering requirements – the mandatory evil

So no, the bonus money really isn’t real money. You can play with it at the casino, but you cannot withdraw if before the wagering requirements have been met. Casino bonuses Canada are no different from other countries in this. There is always wagering that applies to every casino bonus out there. Usually, the higher the bonus is (bigger %), the higher the wagering requirements are. New to wagering requirements – view the video.

What’s tricky is that a casino might attach wagering requirements to both the deposit and bonus. That way, the relatively low x10 requirement example above would double due to both the $50 deposit and $50 bonus being included for $100 overall. Multiplying this figure by 10 results in a wagering requirement of $1000. Rather than doing these calculations for all your online casino bonuses, you can use our wagering requirement calculator tool. This tells you how much money you need to bet to convert the bonus money into real money without the need to do any calculations yourself. Just input the 1st deposit casino bonus and the rest of the details below.

This is how the casino bonus calculator works:

  1. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  2. Then enter the bonus amount.
  3. State what the wagering requirements are – e.g. 20 times
  4. Choose if you need to wager just the bonus money, or both the deposit + bonus (should be stated in the bonus’s terms).
  5. Under “Contribution%”, select how much the game you want to play contributes to meeting the wagering requirements (slots generally 100%).
  6. Click on “Calculate” and you will be shown how much you need to play to turn the bonus into real money.

Other casino bonus terms and requirements

Alongside wagering, there are a number of other important factors to consider when you’re weighing up different online casino bonuses. Some of these considerations include:

  • Time – Every bonus casino includes a time limit or expiry date with their offer. You must activate the bonus and complete any wagering requirements before any stipulated end dates. Otherwise, you will lose the bonus and any winnings in full. And sometimes the time limit might be very strict. eg. 7 days and if not completed within the time the bonus is automatically lost.
  • Games – As we touched on above, not all games contribute the same amount to satisfying the wagering requirements. For example, a table game like roulette, online baccarat or blackjack may only contribute 50% or 0%. So make sure to check that the games you’re about to play contribute towards the wagering requirements (game contribution).
  • Payment methods – There are some payment methods that you cannot use to activate a casino bonus. For example, we often see casinos not allowing deposits via Skrill or Neteller. However, this can also be extended to other e-wallets, so make sure you check if any payment methods are excluded before making a deposit.
  • Minimum deposit – There is a certain minimum deposit that is needed to unlock the bonus. Usually, the minimum deposit for a bonus is the same as the general minimum deposit, but not always. Sometimes the casino might have a general minimum deposit set to 10$, but the minimum deposit to claim the bonus is 20$.
  • Maximum bet – Often maximum bet for slots is 5$ per spin. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Bets exceeding the maximum allowed bet aren’t counted towards the wagering requirements. Sometimes playing on higher bets allowed might even result in a loss of bonus and possible winnings made with the bonus money.

NOTE: As online casinos frequently update their terms and conditions, we strongly recommend double-checking them when you get to their site. 

Bonus code – Necessary or not

Bonus codes are becoming more rare and rare nowadays. Most of the casinos will automatically add the bonus after the deposit or the player has an option to choose when making a deposit whether they want the bonus or not (when to reject casino bonus). However, there are still some casinos online that use bonus codes. Usually, the field is visible to the cashier when making a deposit.

If for some reason you did not receive the bonus do not start playing! Contact support and deal with the issue with them before playing.

Exclusive bonuses still commonly use bonus codes. These often unlock bonuses that otherwise wouldn’t be available, so it’s crucial to include them when making a deposit. On our site, we have highlighted the exclusive casino bonus so it’s easy for you to see whether the bonus is exclusive and requires you to use a specific bonus code to claim it. In some cases, just using our link will be fine to unlock the offer.

Types of casino bonuses Canada (any differences?)

Casino bonus types explained

No, the best Canadian online casinos bonuses aren’t that different from other countries. And the deposit bonus is always a better bonus than the no deposit bonus. Of course, you actually put your own money in instead of putting nothing (no deposit = no money to the casino). When talking about terminology on this page, we focus on what you get when you make a deposit (no deposit bonuses view here).

Bonus cash / Free cash

Bonus cash or free cash is cash that is added on top of your deposit. This is definitely the most common type of bonus used by the online gambling industry. Whether it’s a casino bonus or some other bonus (poker, betting etc.).

Deposit x amount and get x amount in bonus money. 100% or match bonus means that you get an equal amount in bonus money whereas 200% would mean that you receive twice as much in bonus money. 300% three times and so on. A cash bonus is quite a straightforward casino bonus.

But don’t get too focused on the percentage… The higher the wagering requirements are.

Free Spins / Bonus spins

Free spins or bonus spins, both mean the same thing. X amount of spins to a certain slot. Yes, usually to a specific bonus slot that has been determined by the casino. And the spins have a certain value as well. Eg. 0.50$ per spin.

Sometimes large free spins offers are indeed too good to be true. Meaning that all spins aren’t given at once. This is a typical trick used by many casino sites. So let’s say that casino advertises: “1000 Free Spins on first deposit”. You might eventually be indeed given all 1000 free spins but you might only get 10 spins a day. Meaning it takes you 100 days to claim all 1000 free spins. And if you don’t spin those 10 spins a day they are gone after the day has passed.

Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are given by online casino sites to reward their loyal customers. If you’re someone who plays regularly, might be worth playing on a casino that rewards you for being active. Regular bonus offers are pretty sweet and many casinos reward their loyal customers in the form of regular bonus offers. Of course, in most cases, these loyalty bonuses require additional deposits from the player.

Loyalty bonuses can be rewards that aren’t directly related on gambling. Sometimes online casinos can reward their VIP players with something extra. Like consumer electronics etc.


Cashback can be seen as some form of loyalty bonus. You get some money back from what you have played. So technically it really isn’t a casino bonus but more like some form of reward given from the casino. Commonly cashback is paid weekly or monthly directly to the player’s account and can be either bonus money or actual money depending on the casino. If bonus money, normal bonus wagering, and terms apply. At Wildz casino (Read Wildz review) you can get cashback up to 20%.

Depending on the casino there might be some additional terms and conditions that apply whether the cashback is paid or not. This can be:

  • The minimum cashback that needs to be earned
  • Account needs to be active
  • There is a maximum amount of cashback that can be paid
  • The bets need to be real money bets – bonus money bets won’t accumulate cashback

Forfeitable bonus / Non-sticky bonus

A forfeitable bonus or non-sticky bonus is a bonus that you can forfeit before you start playing with bonus money. How it works is that you play with your own money first before you start playing with the bonus cash you received on top of your deposit.

While you still have the “real money” on your account you have the option to forfeit the bonus. Meaning that you can cancel the bonus. The bonus is non-sticky, you’re not committed to wagering it right from the start.

So when would this be useful?

Let’s take a scenario where you make the first deposit of 100$ and get another 100$ in bonus money. Typical match bonus (100% up to 100$). You hit the casino slots and managed to win 10,000$ while playing with real money (the money you deposited). Done! Let’s withdraw the money and go celebrate! If the bonus was forfeitable, you can now remove that 100$ bonus cash and just proceed to continue with the withdrawal.

Some bonuses you can forfeit at any point, but in this case, you will lose both the bonus money and the possible winnings that you had made while playing with the bonus cash. If you’re unsure, contact the support via chat before making any moves.

Casino bonus Canada FAQ

A casino bonus is a reward given to the player on sign-up or after the deposit. When real money is deposited, the bonus is better but every casino bonus is still subject to terms and conditions that vary between casinos.

Bonus money is usually awarded automatically once you’ve made a deposit. How much you get is based on how much you deposit. It will be added to your player account, usually as separate “Bonus Money” to the “Real Money” you deposit. Sometimes, thought rarely nowadays, you need to use a bonus code to get the casino bonus.

Most casino bonuses have strict terms and conditions. One of the most important is wagering requirements which is how much you need to bet using your bonus money before it can be withdrawn. You should always check the terms and conditions of a bonus before playing. Best Canadian online casino bonuses have transparent terms and conditions that are easy to understand. If they seem dodgy, stay away!

If you lose all your bonus money before meeting the wagering requirements, then unfortunately it is lost. That’s why it’s important to weigh up all the different bonuses and their terms. The biggest bonuses are not always the best!

Usually, you can play mainly slots. Table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are commonly excluded or have much lower gaming contribution than slots.

Yes, it will. Exactly how long you have got to use one varies a lot between each casino. It can be as short as 24 hours in the worst cases, or several months in the best.

Canadian online casino bonuses – The Conclusion

So are the Canadian online casino bonuses good or bad? What are the pros and cons? Best Canadian online casino bonuses should be used, no?

Well, it depends. If you’re an occasional gamer who doesn’t spend hours spinning slots, the casino bonus might be worth rejecting. If you aren’t really able to ever wager the bonus there is no point in claiming it. On the other hand, if you are a regular player why not. You get to play with more when you claim a casino bonus.

It will be also interesting to see what is going to happen with bonuses in the future, if and when the market will become fully regulated. At the moment Ontario is the only state that has been regulated in the whole of Canada. And yeah, sorry, if you’re browsing our website from Ontario we cannot show you any bonus information. You have to check from the online casino itself whether there are any offers available.